Ladies and Gentlemen, Many blogs have been written…. and this is one of them.

On the ICE floor

This is my first attempt at a “Big Kids” blog. It’s likely to be filled with dumb writings about team management, dealing with work/life balance, some new development tricks I’ve learned, how to automate various trading strategies and my take on various new technologies.

For those of you who know me socially, this will not be a good place to read about my latest antics and mishaps however you can probably still rely on my candid (and rarely politically or otherwise correct) take on various happenings and situations.

In case you were wondering, this is definitely the social marketing 101 blog for CEO’s. I can pretty much guarantee you that after one or two postings this will degrade to farting about how awesome I am. You can read about my professional background on my About page.

To kick off this posting, I thought I’d share a bit about what I’ve been up to in the past year. As I’m sure many of you are aware, I am now the proud owner of my very own software startup and I’m spending about half of my time residing in Phoenix, Arizona refining and production testing my Gatekeeper front end for Gressel Produce & Commodities. We’ve already become members of TT’s Partner Program and we’re a few finishing touches away (read: about 2 months) from making our product available to the options-trading masses.

I wish I could say that the adjustment from the nine-to-five corporate world to the unceasing locomotion that typifies self-funded startups was a natural one that I’d planned for thoroughly however that’s simply not true. The core concept for Scaled Dynamics was born within hours of deciding that I didn’t want to work for another employer. Back then I had no job, $7.79 in my checking account, owed money all over town, and had just made some major living cost increases. Not to be deterred by such practicalities, I set out to change the world and I thought it would be easy.

In a given day it’s a good bet that I’m doing more than half of the following: hiring, firing, planning, consulting, managing, selling, marketing, networking, programming. And learning. Time isn’t measured in hours and days tend to blend together. It’s been a wild ride thus far and I’m slightly less than one year in. Updates to come.