At least I made up for lost time

So I haven’t posted any sets lately. Sorry about that. Life has been crazy. Between moving back to Chicago, learning to teach yoga, working on my streaming music service, and putting out a million little fires with my consulting practice, I haven’t been able to afford the time and energy that putting together a really good set really takes. Sometimes though, shutting off your brain and just letting the music do the talking for an intimate crowd of close friends produces the greatest outcome. That’s what last night was all about. I wanted nothing to do with lollapalooza, so instead I decided to throw a little bash at the Braunasium. Attendance was pitiful, but for whatever reason I feel like I fucking nailed this set. For 3.5 hours! I biffed a few transitions towards the end due to being royally fucked up and socializing, however I feel like the overall quality is still worthy of sharing. Enjoy!