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Gatekeeper 3.2 Slated for Q1, 2013

sd-chartsA series of exciting enhancements to Scaled Dynamics’ flagship product, Gatekeeper, are planned to launch in Q1, 2014. These enhancements are primarily focused towards adding to the breadth of liquidity venues and adding functionality for automated options traders, however all current users of Gatekeeper will benefit from support for Multi-Asset Class, a Redesigned Volatility Mangager, Strategy Window Enhancements, and Time and Sales Functionality.

Support for Multi-Asset Class

Scaled Dynamics will be introducing connectivity to Interactive Brokers with the launch of Gatekeeper 3.2. This will allow traders to trade multiple asset classes from one single platform.,

Formula Engine and Automated Strategy Enhancements
New Formula EditorSeveral variables and functions have been added to the SD Formula Engine. These include Market Depth, Moving Averages, Strike Interval, ATM Strike, and Money (OTM, ATM, .ITM). Formula strategies get a dynamic volatility option, so that volatility for live orders can be set in real time as the result of a formula. Formula orders can also be enabled and disabled based on formula values.

These enhancements allow exciting new possibilities. Formulas can be used in conjunction with the enhanced formula strategies to do things like turn strategies on and off based on whether an instrument is on or out of the money. Entire strategies can be turned off in response to changes in liquidity conditions. Volatility can be set in relation to a dynamic skew or in relation to a pre-set implied volatility.

Additionally, strategies can be enabled for rapid-fire re-enablement allowing profitable strategies to repeat themselves automatically after they’ve completed a successful trade.

Formula Strategies will enjoy an increased degree of abstraction with the addition of Strategy Templates. Strategy templates will allow traders to automatically respond to market generated events such as RFQ’s with valuations and automated hedging strategies for OTC swaps, option spreads and strategies.

Redesigned Volatility Manager
newvolatilityEditorThe volatility manager has been completely redesigned to provide a more intuitive look and feel. Users can toggle strategies between dynamic and static volatility, set skews, and monitor changes to the implied volatility surface in real time. Additionally, users can add “live” skews that utilize cubic spline based lines that adapt to movements in the underlying asset.

Strategy Window Enhancements

The Strategy window has undergone a number of evolutionary enhancements including strategy view tabs, improvements to column settings and increased visibility options. Strategies themselves also see increased control directly from the strategy window, as CV1 and CV2 values can be changed in real time directly. This allows a trader to change price offsets or other critical user defined variables with a high degree of speed and accuracy.

Time and Sales Functionality
New Time And SalesA time and sales window has been added that allows the trader to view the “ticker tape” for a subset of instruments that meet the trader’s pre-defined volume criteria.

Scaled Dynamics Enters into Distribution Partnership with Sweet Futures

Sweetfutures Logo
CHICAGO (October 16, 2013)

Financial trading technology provider Scaled Dynamics, Inc., seeking to provide additional brokerage resources for its growing user base has begun distributing its’ flagship product, Gatekeeper, through Sweet Futures.

“Automation isn’t just for market insiders anymore. We’re seeing a significant increase in demand for our automated trade execution solutions from increasingly sophisticated customers.” Said Justin Braun, CEO of Scaled Dynamics, “Partnering with a customer focused multi-asset Independent Introducing Broker like Sweet Futures is the first of many steps to ensure that the end-users of Futures and Options products are armed with the same execution tools previously only available to market makers and high frequency traders.”

“With today’s ever-changing marketplace it is essential to our diversified customer base that we bring them state of the art execution services that will increase capabilities for price transparency, execution and risk management. We are extremely excited to partner with Scaled Dynamics and look forward to the added-value it will bring to our clients,” said Ian Sweet, CEO of Sweet Futures.

About Scaled Dynamics, Inc.
Based in Chicago, IL, Scaled Dynamics ( is a cutting-edge provider and implementation specialist focused on delivering revolutionary technology based solutions that empower traders across the globe. We offer a suite of high performance trade execution and risk management tools, as well as application development services. Our consultants are equipped with a wealth of experience in mission critical applications across many aspects of the financial trading industry and are highly qualified from both a business and technological perspective. We dedicate our resources, industry intelligence, and systems expertise to working with our clients to provide their business with a strong competitive edge.

About Sweet Futures
Established in 2010, Sweet Futures ( is an Independent Introducing Broker that provides a unique approach to execution, clearing & on-boarding, for a wide-array of clientele. Their Management Team has over 100 years of combined industry experience.

The open architecture of Sweet Futures provides clients with access to selected FCM’s, Portals and a multitude of front-end trading platforms. Our multi-FCM platform affords balance sheet comfort thresholds to meet our client requirements. The collective global reach of these FCM’s provides clients with world-wide access to the marketplace of choice.

Sweet Futures offers a wide array of voice execution services by sourcing direct market participant liquidity. Our many years of experience have cultured product liquidity across product lines that may at times not be otherwise visible to our client base.
Our Over-the-Counter business for Foreign Exchange and OTC Broking further provides liquidity to clients as well as direct counterparty credit functionality and leveraged financing.

Panel Discussion Announcement: The Future of Option Trading

Options Alliance

I’ve been asked to speak at a panel put on by the kind folks at the Options Alliance entitled The Future of Option Trading: Finding Edge Outside the Pit. At this Options Alliance event, panelists will discuss many of the environmental changes that have taken place over the last few years in the options space. The evolution away from pit-based markets; new opportunities that have been created by entrepreneurs in the options industry; legal and technological hurdles to overcome; and how to market and promote your new business venture.

I’m on the second panel entitled Roadblocks to Your New Options Business along with Andrew May of May Law, PC and Earl Humphrey of iOwn Advisors.

The event will be held on November 5, 2013, from 12:00 to 5:30 pm at The Buckingham Athletic Club 440 South LaSalle Chicago, IL 60605. Tickets are $25 and you can register here. I hope to see you there!