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What happened to the Disco last week?!

I’m SOOOOO Sorry! This is second week in a row that I’ve fucked up my release dates but I promise it’ll get better. See I decided to branch out a bit and try my hand at a nu-disco set. That royally fuckulated everything because trying too hard to make that work gave the worst case of the DJ equivalent of writer’s block that I’ve ever had. No worries! We’re back!! With more deep house since that’s what I’m good at. I’ll try again at some disco sometime soon, I promise!!

At the request of a number of my listeners, this is the first set I’ve encoded at 320kbps, so load times and data usages might be affected. The file size is a full 3 times larger than usual. You’ll just have to be patient with load times. I also went to the extra effort to smooth everything out using MixedInKey Platinum Notes, so this really should be the best sounding set I’ve done thus far. I couldn’t be bothered to stop drinking while I was recording though so the jury is out on how good the actual mix is! In any case, enjoy!


Inphinity Playing at Tech(no7)

Inphinity Playing at Tech(no7)

Don’t worry! I promise I’ll still post my weekly mix for you to listen to tomorrow! I’m posting early today because one of my all-time favorite DJ’s has just released the 4th installment of his Night Tales series of Deep House mixes. Like any other Deep House mix, don’t expect to have your face melted. It starts out slow, picks up for awhile, then gently puts you right back where it found you. It’s just some high quality, even paced, smooth transitioned deep house to keep your day moving along. It’s only been out for a few hours and I’ve already jammed out to it twice.

If you grew up in the house music scene in Chicago, Inphinity is practically a household name. He started out playing in the Suburban teen clubs shortly after the end of the Bad Boy Bill era and hasn’t stopped since. Currently the resident at Chicago’s Spybar, he’s held residencies at Chicago’s Sound-Bar, Mannequin (now TheMid), and has played at the up and coming Tech(no) loft series. As an 11 year listener, spybar regular, and deep house junkie, I’m just going to be upfront and say that I’m biased.

We all know how much I feel about Soundcloud, so the fact that I’m embedding this here must tell you something… Enjoy!